Change an active working day into active recreation!


The requirement to settle and record drivers’ working time is a very hectic activity for everyone who manages transport services.

Additional run to catch up with a truck in the middle of nowhere on most inconvenient time only to record the driver’s card? Checked.

Driving additional kilometres to read the tachograph because it is the last day of obtaining the file? Checked.

Writing statements to authorities, completing documentation, or looking for a lawyer who will help with a difficult situation, all on weekends? Checked.

But there is an alternative solution that will allow you to change these unpleasant and time-consuming activities into ones that are more pleasant and healthy. This solution will allow you to find time for a pleasant travel and save money for a weekend trip with friends and family.

The solution of remote data collection from the tachograph allows you to remotely gather files from the driver card and company card any time you want. The files in the .ddd format can be stored in the system or in your own device. This allows you to access all the necessary documents in every place from a computer. The option in the LINQO tracking software to plan and download the files from the tachographs for a given day ensures meeting all required deadlines.

The remote data collection from the tachographs allows you also to monitor the current status of drivers and their working times. You can react on the spot – even during an evening walk.

We promote active recreation that is why we support good changes. Are you ready to change your activities?

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