Fuel check

Proper fuel management is a key aspect of maintaining a car fleet. Any changes and plans regarding the reduction of fuel costs can only be implemented on the basis of reliable information. We must first know what exactly is happening on the road and how the vehicles are being used, as well as what activities contribute the most to fuel consumption and what bad habits should be corrected. Access to up-to-date information about fuel, combined with insight into the activities of our employees can serve as the basis for introducing beneficial changes that will allow us to save money.

We propose various fuel management solutions, depending on the type of vehicles or machines that you operate, as well as the nature of your business.

  • Control fuel consumption based on CAN data
  • Receive up-to-date information about the fuel level thanks to a fuel level sensor (fuel probe)
  • Check refuelling and consumption summaries
  • Generate reports about the engine running at idle speed
  • Analyse vehicle usage according Eco-Driving rules

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