Car GPS tracking

Our professional and intelligent vehicle monitoring system enables you to keep an eye on chosen cars. The GPS locator is available as a car tracking application for your smartphone. If you choose our product, all the essential information you need will be at your fingertips! Our GPS monitoring application can transform your smartphone into a portable office – you can use it whenever and wherever you want. The car tracking device allows you to supervise vehicle mileage records and it also supports mobile fleet management.

You can adapt car GPS tracking software in LINQO to the needs of your company thanks to flexible solutions which create a complex software for forwarding and managing your resources.

Feel free to ask about customising particular GPS monitoring solutions:

  • driver identification and run authorisation,
  • route planning and supervision of task completion,
  • distinguishing between business-related and private matters-related driving,
  • data from dedicated sensors,
  • dynamic information about Geozones and POI points,
  • supervision of unplanned events,
  • service manager and vehicle administration,
  • machine/vessel/vehicle mileage records,
  • records of drivers or employee working time,
  • analyses for facilitating Eco-Driving.

Whether you specialise in fleet management, mobile workers, or specialised machinery, tracking, analysis and monitoring of mileage records and completed tasks is quick and comfortable.

Check the method and time of task performance and plan actions which are crucial for the improvement of efficiency and profitability. Take a step forward and make a change.

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