Tachograph information

Companies must comply with all requirements related to the driver working time calculation and driver records. Any mistakes and delays cause unnecessary stress and force us to collect additional documentation and participate in prolonged administrative procedures, not to mention paying high fines.

Having remote access to tachograph data will allow your company to function smoothly and will ensure the comfort of your employees. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to instantly check the status of all tachographs, along with the remaining allowed driving time of your employees on the current day, as well as during the given week. In addition, you can also schedule a file download on a particular day and the system will perform the task automatically and will also leave appropriate information within the tachograph confirming that the file had been downloaded. It is as easy as physically checking the vehicle tachograph readings, even if the vehicle itself is 2000 km away from your office. You can also gain access to the downloaded files anytime, anywhere.

  • Tachograph information on the current status of the driver
  • Information on the remaining amount of driving time, as well as driving time that has been used, on the current day as well as during the given week
  • Alerts about exceeding the permissible driving time
  • Scheduling remote file downloads from the driver’s card and company card

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having remote access to tachographs