Route planning

The growth in freight transport logistics presents as many challenges as opportunities, especially when it comes to the distribution chain. Having access to the right tools can greatly support process effectiveness at your company. A well-prepared team guarantees proper implementation of all assigned tasks. The ability to react quickly to any and all unforeseen situations is an important element as well and it often saves companies from incurring losses.

Time is money, efficient transport logistics is the key to a successful trip organisation in the distribution chain. What is more, monitoring of the machinery, mapping and analysis of orders is very handy in planning and preparing for any unexpected circumstances. Take up the challenge and bring your car fleet management to the next level with our trip organizer! Choose a solution that offers comprehensive and good logistics planning, and verification tools that will allow you to manage all subsequent stages of the transport, supply and the distribution chain, such as mapping.

  • Route planning and mapping based on selected parameters,
  • Loading planning based on selected route,
  • Sending route and loading plans straight to the driver,
  • Driver navigation,
  • Control over task implementation.

Our trip organiser helps you and your company in various ways. It is especially useful when it comes to mapping the route and transport logistics for the distribution chain. Moreover, the trip organiser software allows you to distribute tasks, find possible replacements and pick up new orders in a more efficient way. Once you try it, you cannot imagine working without it!

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