Working time

Regardless of whether you cooperate with your employees – travelled distance or activities that they perform at a specific place – controlling working time is vital, not only for you but for your employees and clients as well. Working time statements allow you to pay your employees, issue invoices for completed orders and take advantage of tax write-offs. Proper working time records are also an important support tool in the case of disputable issues and may often protect your company from avoidable financial losses.

Implementing positive changes in your company that will enable you to always have access to reliable records regarding vehicles, drivers, machines and their working time is always a good idea. Choose a solution that will support you in calculating working time.

  • Employee or vehicle working time records
  • Working time calculations, based tachograph readings
  • Possibility of identifying particular drivers when calculating working time
  • Possibility of distinguishing between business-related and private matters-related driving when calculating working time
  • Driving time and stopover records
  • Information about the length of stay in a designated geo zone
  • Efficiency mechanism working time reports
  • Reports about crossing state borders, along with information on the time spent in a given country

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