Is it cost-effective to immobilise a vehicle?


Regardless of the industry in which we operate, one thing is certain – if we own any vehicles, they only bring us profit if they are in motion. Whether we are talking about road tractors fulfilling client orders, passenger cars driven by sales representatives, courier vans or any other machines performing some kind of work, one is always common in all these instances – the movement and work made possible by these vehicles translates into profits.

But if so, are there any situations when immobilising a vehicle is a good option?

Yes! And however ridiculous this might sound, doing so is not necessarily synonymous with a loss of profit!

For example, if we must leave a vehicle in a car park or some other unfamiliar place for a night and we have valuables stored inside, then how can we protect ourselves against unexpected problems? Well, we will use our car alarm, of course, and if we happen to have a GPS vehicle tracking system, we will create a geozone or activate alerts that will inform us about any unusual events. But can we actually do something more to be able to leave our vehicle unattended and get some well-deserved rest without worry?

In this situation, the ability to immobilise the vehicle remotely perfectly complements the other security measures. For example, we can activate the blockade through a mobile application right before starting work. Thanks to this, we can be certain that no one will be able to start the vehicle up and cause any unnecessary loss.

But what if we rent vehicles for short or long periods of time? How can we protect our property from dishonest clients? Can contracts, deposits and insurance fully protect us from incurring possible losses?

In such a situation, using remote immobilisation is also a good solution. Should the customer cross the border without being allowed to do so, or not return the vehicle in time, we can simply remotely immobilise our property and effectively rule out any further surprises.

Another beneficial aspect of this solution that will contribute to our financial stability is the possibility of immobilising vehicles of long-term rental contractors who fail to pay their outstanding obligations.

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