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Is the traditional toll booth system slowing down your transportation business? Linqo’s integration with e-Toll might just be the answer you’re looking for. This article will help you keep your fleet at the forefront of the transportation industry by providing an in-depth look at electronic toll collection and how it is changing the way tolls are collected.


 e-Toll solutions: the system of road tolling in Poland and Hungary

The importance of efficient tolling systems cannot be overstated in transportation and logistics. With the increasing demand for seamless transportation across borders, the need for advanced tolling solutions has become critical. Linqo’s e-Toll solution adds to this evolution, offering a new electronic toll collection system that promises to revolutionize road toll payments in Poland and Hungary.


 What is e-Toll?

At its core, e-Toll is an electronic toll collection system. Unlike traditional toll booths where drivers must stop and pay manually, e-Toll automates the process, allowing for uninterrupted journeys. For companies with routes via Poland and Hungary, where the toll system varies widely based on the roads and locations in question, this is of central importance.


 Why is e-Toll needed?

  • Convenient payment management. With e-Toll, all payment information is accessible in one place. This centralized system simplifies the administrative process, making it easier for businesses to track, manage, and analyze their toll expenses.
  • Operational efficiency. One of the benefits of e-Toll is the significant time savings it offers. Automatic road payment means drivers no longer need to stop, search for the correct amount, and wait for change. This not only speeds up the journey but also reduces the risk of traffic congestion at toll points.
  • Compliance with regulations. For instance, the toll system in Poland plays a crucial role in funding the maintenance, development, and expansion of the country’s road infrastructure. There’s a risk of non-compliance with varying rules and fees, especially if a driver deviates from a pre-planned route. The e-Toll system ensures that the correct tolls are paid, thus avoiding potential fines.

 Linqo’s e-Toll solution to change the game

Linqo’s e-Toll solutions offers several distinct advantages:

  • Broad vehicle coverage. The e-Toll payments apply to vehicles or combinations exceeding 3.5 tonnes and buses with a maximum permitted weight with more than nine seats. This wide coverage ensures that a majority of commercial vehicles can benefit from this system.
  • Automatic payments. The integration allows for tolls to be paid automatically without the need for additional platforms or gadgets. This not only saves time but also ensures that drivers can focus on the road, enhancing safety.
  • Risk mitigation. The system reduces the risk of fines, especially if a driver changes a pre-planned route. This is particularly beneficial for business owners, ensuring they remain compliant with toll regulations.
  • Centralized information. All relevant payment data is consolidated in one place, allowing businesses to optimize their operations based on real-time insights.

 The broader context: tolling in Poland

To understand the significance of e-Toll, it’s essential to look at the broader tolling landscape in Poland. Tolls, in general, are fees charged to users of specific roads, bridges, or tunnels. These fees contribute to the maintenance and development of these facilities. In Poland, the toll system differentiates between vehicles based on weight. For vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes, the e-TOLL system is mandatory, encompassing toll motorways, expressways, and selected national roads.

The introduction of the e-TOLL system in Poland marked a significant shift from the previous viaTOLL system. The new system, introduced by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) in 2021, offers enhanced features and capabilities, making toll payments more efficient and convenient for truck drivers.

Integrating Linqo’s e-Toll solutions is a significant step forward in transportation and logistics. By offering a seamless, efficient, and compliant way to manage toll payments in Poland and Hungary, it promises to be a game-changer for businesses operating in these regions. As the transportation industry evolves, reliable solutions like e-Toll will play a key role in shaping its future.