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An accurate fleet monitoring solution to reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety, optimize costs, and benefit from the environmental contribution by monitoring and analyzing driver behavior.

Benefits spotlight:

Rank and compare drivers by performance and identify areas for improvement.

Reduce fuel costs and deterioration of vehicles by educating drivers.

Minimize business risks by monitoring driving behavior.

Use our universal solution to get data from all vehicle brands.

Driver ranking and motivation

Rank and compare drivers by performance and identify areas for improvement.

The advanced solution employs up to 90 parameters that can be tailored to your business requirements to analyze driver's behavior. Reward drivers with the highest scores to keep them motivated, and set up internal education and motivation systems for drivers to accelerate their interest in improved fleet performance.

Optimized fuel consumption

Reduce fuel costs and deterioration of vehicles by educating drivers.

Improved driver skills and behavior reduce fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs and minimize environmental impact by lowering unnecessary CO2 emissions. Learn how employee driving style should change to encourage safe and the most economical driving. Benefit from reduced fuel consumption and optimized overall vehicle deterioration, including tires, and brakes.

CO2 Reports

Take control of your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Our solution offers a unique CO2 reporting feature, enabling fleet and equipment managers to actively monitor and reduce emissions, making a positive impact on the global carbon emissions problem. Stay informed and make informed decisions to minimize your fleet's contribution to global carbon emissions. By utilizing this feature, you can effectively report and address your fleet's environmental impact, making a significant difference in the fight against climate change.

100 l

100000 l




Fuel type

1.000 kg
Total CO2 emission
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*The calculation of the CO2 constant is based on the comprehensive assessment of fuel life cycles, encompassing everything from extraction to combustion processes.

Improved fleet safety

Minimize business risks by monitoring driving behavior.

Ensuring safety contributes to your company's reputation as a reliable and accountable partner to work with. Improve fleet safety to ensure the driver and cargo arrive at the destination safely. Lower the accident risk on the road by monitoring driving behavior based on extreme braking, overspeeding, harsh braking, and extreme acceleration events on the route.

Broad vehicle coverage

Use our universal solution to get data from all vehicle brands.

Whereas the fleet contains different manufacturer vehicles, Eco-Drive solution unifies various car brands and provides precise data so the performance can be objectively and efficiently compared. Benefit from a personalized selection of objects, drivers, and parameters to get the analysis and performance tracking tailored to your business needs.

Eco-Drive Groups

Gain deeper insights by comparing eco performance within specific groups of objects and drivers.

Eco-Drive Groups unlocks the power to group your vehicles and assign specific parameters, enabling you to compare various aspects such as vehicle types, brands, driving styles, and more. Gain in-depth insights into your fleet's environmental impact through advanced reports for objects and drivers, complete with extra summaries, allowing you to establish new sustainability standards with precision and data-driven efficiency.

Know your preliminary savings



100 km

50000 km

New fleet (average age 1 year)

Mixed fleet (average age 1-3 years)

Older fleet (average age 3-5 years)

The age of the fleet

Have no eco drive experience (no fuel consumption monitoring)

Tried some fuel monitoring, have some procedures in place

Highly intensive work with eco drive (constant fuel monitoring)

Your experience with Eco-Drive

1.000 l
Fuel saved per month
12.000 l
Fuel saved per year
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*Preliminary calculation, please contact us for detailed evaluation and possible savings

Eco-Drive data

Choose from 90 available parameters to monitor and analyse Eco-Drive results, related to fuel consumption and safe driving:

  • Dangerous driving point rate
  • Fuel wasting rate
  • Driven distance
  • Driving time
  • Fuel consumption
  • Overspeeding % of driving time
  • RPM in red band of driving time
  • Extreme braking event rate
  • Harsh breaking event rate
  • Harsh acceleration event rate
  • Excessive idling %
  • Cruise control use % of available to use
  • Dangerous driving points
  • Average speed
  • Extreme braking events
  • Fuel consumed
  • Fuel wasted
  • Harsh acceleration events
  • Harsh braking events
  • Idling duration
  • Maximum RPM rev/minute
  • Maximum speed
  • Normal braking event rate
  • Normal braking events
  • Wasted fuel % of fuel consumed
  • Overspeeding duration
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