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Discover LinqoTrack

A sophisticated SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform expertly crafted by Linqo to transform how businesses manage their transport resources. This comprehensive and user-friendly telematics system stands out for its reliability and cutting-edge features, streamlining fleet management for companies.

At the heart of LinqoTrack's offerings is vehicle tracking. This essential tool empowers businesses to enhance fleet performance significantly. By adopting vehicle tracking, companies can achieve several key objectives: reduce operating costs, boost efficiency, and save valuable time for fleet managers. This system allows quick adaptation to changes and supports making more informed decisions.

LinqoTrack: tailored for diverse fleet needs

The platform offers a range of features, including:

Real-time vehicle tracking.

Monitor vehicles, manage trip history, and streamline communication with drivers through route and task sending, accompanied by informative reports and alerts.

Integration & connectivity.

This all-in-one platform links drivers, vehicles, tasks, routes, and performance indicators, enhancing connectivity with other systems through its API.

Advanced telematics.

Access valuable data from digital tachographs and CANbus, track fuel levels and consumption, and evaluate driver performance.

User-friendly interface.

Designed with the user in mind, LinqoTrack offers a straightforward, intuitive interface, ensuring quick and effective operations.

Mobile accessibility.

The OnTrack Go mobile application is available on Android and iOS, ensuring fleet management on the go.

Efficient Admin panel.

A comprehensive management tool for service providers, facilitating user management, editing, monitoring, and billing.

Proactive support.

An interactive guide and 24/5 technical support for each user means less work for you.

Diverse modules and functionalities:

Fleet status.

Access vital activity data for informed decision-making.


Efficiently manage vehicles within designated work areas.

Maintenance alerts.

Stay informed about service requirements.

Custom reports.

Generate and subscribe to tailored reports.

Event alerts.

Receive notifications for specific occurrences.

Tachograph integration.

Remotely download tachograph data.


Assess drivers based on style, fuel wastage, and efficiency.

Direct communication.

Instant messaging and file sharing with drivers.

Efficient Routing & Tasking.

Optimize routes and task assignments.

Time analysis.

Monitor drivers' active and resting periods.

Dashboard overview.

Gain insights into fleet performance.

Fuel analysis.

Detailed insights into fuel levels and consumption.

LinqoTrack is backed by a powerful infrastructure and processes, ensuring uninterrupted service. Its APIs and integrations facilitate seamless integration with other systems and services, making it a versatile solution for any fleet management need.

Standard API integrations:

  • Objects Coordinates History API
  • Objects Coordinates Streaming API
  • Object API
  • Trips API
  • Driver Time Analysis API
  • Driver API
  • Driver Management API
  • Object info API (for SP)
  • Client API (for SP)
  • Event history API (for SP)
  • SMS report API (for SP)
  • Geozone list API (for SP)
  • Object
  • … and more.
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About the team:

• In-house team with 30+ professional and experienced developers working on the platform in Europe.

• Strong focus on quality and performance.

• Platform updates every 2 weeks.

• Quick fixes and instant issue-solving.

• User-oriented approach – we analyze user behavior and market trends to build an industry-leading platform.

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