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As an external fleet manager, D&M Kfz-Meisterbetrieb GmbH also takes on the fleet service for transporters, deliverers, and rental car providers in addition to normal workshop operations. Serkan Kabak relies on modern GPS tracking with Linqo.



Friendly, fast, and competent

The heart of D&M is the competent workshop team of the core transport company. With professional and friendly advice, D&M offers its customers complete service for everything to do with their vehicles. And they do it in a friendly and fast manner because, with precise answers, customers save time and are more efficient. Managing Director Serkan Kabak explained, “That also fits well with the cooperation with Linqo as we share the same understanding of service and many years of experience. Linqo was therefore recommended to me by my brother. He has been using the Linqo system very successfully in his company for some time.”



Professional vehicle service for fleet operators

Serkan Kabak came to the GPS tracking solution through his second line of business, the vehicle fleet service for transporters, deliverers, and other fleet operators. D&M offers fleet management, including maintenance planning and vehicle checks, and uses the Linqo system for this. A total of 112 devices are currently being operated, which Serkan Kabak uses to retrieve various data. The focus is, of course, on location – for example, if it needs to be clarified precisely where the vehicle is and when there is a driver change. “This repeatedly happens when a driver becomes ill at short notice, and another has to step in. The vehicles are often still there from the evening before in front of the employees’ private home door,” says Kabak. Above all, employees must document the mileage and the private trips made outside business hours. “Our customers receive an evaluation of it every week. With Linqo, this is very easy to do.”



Maintenance planning and vehicle check via app

In addition, with the help of Linqo solutions, Serkan Kabak keeps track of the managed fleet and uses the data for maintenance planning and vehicle checks. This can be done both from the PC in the office and on the go with the app. And right now, the focus is also on optimizing fuel consumption and its costs.

"Linqo helps me with the fleet overview, maintenance planning, and easy and efficient documentation for customers. It just fits together well and works."

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