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In the rapidly evolving landscape of navigation technology, one platform stands out with a game-changing advantage – HERE Maps. At Linqo, we understand the critical role of navigation solutions in optimizing fleet management, enhancing logistics, and streamlining transportation.

Therefore, in this article, we explore why HERE Maps is undoubtedly superior to its competitors from a technical standpoint, focusing on its offline navigation capabilities, rich history in navigation technology, and advanced route options.


 Seamless offline navigation

The most prominent advantage of HERE Maps is its ability to facilitate navigation without needing mobile data or an Internet connection. HERE Maps ensures uninterrupted navigation even when data connectivity is not available for businesses and individuals relying on telematics systems, especially in remote or challenging locations. In contrast, Google Maps heavily relies on a continuous connection, making it impractical and unreliable in areas with limited network coverage or during international travel.


 Lasting navigational legacy

One of the hallmarks of HERE Maps is its deep-rooted history in navigation technology. Leveraging years of experience and expertise HERE has honed its mapping suite, including location services, maps, and a range of other useful offerings. The platform’s proficiency in providing highly detailed roadway and road conditions data empowers businesses to develop specialized transportation-related apps and optimize fleet management on the road. For a GPS tracking company, the robustness and accuracy of data offered by HERE Maps make it an indispensable tool.


 Advancing HCV operations

In the dynamic world of heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs), gaining a competitive edge and ensuring safe, efficient operations are paramount. HERE Maps emerges as the ultimate navigation solution, offering invaluable advantages for the HCV segment. With its comprehensive dataset encompassing vital information on bridge and overpass heights, traffic signals, and speed limits, HERE Maps empowers HCV operators to plan routes precisely, avoiding potential clearance issues and ensuring the smooth transportation of goods. Fleet managers can optimize logistics, minimize costly detours, and improve overall operational efficiency while safeguarding their valuable assets with the robust support of HERE Maps.


 Data accessibility and security

HERE Maps takes data accessibility and privacy seriously, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and customers. The platform’s unifying Map Object Model schema ensures standardization and data interoperability, allowing seamless integration with any customer or data set. Emphasizing privacy by design, HERE prioritizes data protection, reassuring users that their valuable information remains secure within the platform. With a multi-cloud architecture, HERE facilitates easy interoperability and fast speed to market, irrespective of where customer data resides, which is of immense value to a GPS tracking company operating on the European scale.


 Customizable route options

HERE Maps goes beyond typical navigation applications, offering users comprehensive control over route generation. By prioritizing either the shortest travel time or the shortest travel distance, users can choose routes that best align with their specific needs. HERE WeGo provides unparalleled control without considering eco-friendly routes, catering to businesses with varied engine types and preferences, and users can disable real-time rerouting and maintain the original route.


 Enhanced route configuration

HERE Maps offers numerous route configuration options that exceed other navigation apps. In addition to the standard options to avoid highways, toll roads, and ferries, HERE allows users to ignore unpaved roads, preventing unsuitable routes for certain vehicles. Furthermore, avoiding tunnels is invaluable for businesses dealing with hazardous cargo, ensuring safety during transit.

At Linqo, we firmly believe HERE Maps stands unrivaled in navigation technology. Its offline navigation capability, enriched history, and powerful offerings make it a go-to solution for businesses seeking optimal fleet management and logistics efficiency. The platform’s user-centric approach, coupled with unparalleled route customization options, empowers users with complete control over their navigation experience. HERE Maps has set a new benchmark for navigation solutions, allowing us, as a telematics company, to provide our clients with the most advanced and reliable navigation tools available.