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We strongly believe that Linqo is more than GPS monitoring solutions. It’s about the principles that incorporate into our company culture and motivate us to be the best. Not only do our core principles of Ownership, Trust, and Growth underpin the company’s operations, but they also serve as the driving force behind our imaginative spirit.

Let’s take a closer look at these principles and see how they influence how we provide advanced GPS tracking solutions.


Ownership: we own it

Ownership is more than just a concept when it comes to GPS tracking systems. It’s a vow to do our best. This principle is shown by our team since we take great pleasure in all of our work. We take great care and responsibility at every stage of the process, from the complex development of our software to the careful deployment of hardware. When we say “We own it,” we mean every line of code, every user interface, and every customer interaction is infused with care and dedication.

Mistakes? We face them head-on. In the fast-evolving tech landscape, challenges are unavoidable. But it’s our approach to these hurdles that sets us apart. We welcome errors as opportunities for growth, learning from them to avoid future surprises. This mindset empowers our team and assures our clients that they’re in capable hands.


Trust: we trust each other

Trust is the glue that holds our team together. Building confidence in each other’s knowledge and motives is essential in a fast-paced industry like GPS monitoring, where choices and data are made in real time. Thanks to our trustworthy culture, we are able to operate quickly and effectively, creating a setting where new ideas may flourish.

Our contacts with customers are also marked by mutual respect. They have made a big choice in choosing us for their GPS tracking requirements, and we appreciate that. So, you can count on us to produce on time and above and above your expectations in terms of quality. Our reputation and long-term collaborations are both a result of our dependability.


Growth: we are committed to growth

Our personal growth, as individuals, as a team, and as a business, is integral to Linqo’s overall path towards success. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our services, become better at what we do, and find more ways to learn. Due to our uncompromising commitment to expansion, we can provide our customers with solutions that fulfill and surpass their expectations regarding GPS tracking technology.

The resilience and progress of our employees are evidence of our dedication to expansion, and they are our most valuable asset. We strive to develop a setting that promotes growth via learning and values fresh perspectives. Because of this strategy, we have developed innovative solutions in-house, such as Eco-Drive, in collaboration with major logistics companies in Europe, along with other cutting-edge offerings like Routing & Tasking, that provide our customers with unmatched value.


Innovation meets integrity

Ownership, trust, and growth aren’t just words to us at Linqo; they’re how we live our lives. They help us create cutting-edge GPS tracking systems that are dependable and easy to use. The European-based professionals, developers, and IT experts who make up our team each bring their own distinct brand of passion and knowledge to the table.

We will stay committed to providing outstanding GPS tracking solutions by keeping these principles at the core of all we do as we grow and adapt. Come and be a part of this thrilling adventure with us as we seek quality while adding fun. Linqo is laying the groundwork for a more connected, efficient, and imaginative future than just monitoring vehicles.