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FLEETLINK and Linqo combine long-term rental
and digital fleet management


The long-term rental company FLEETLINK and the GPS tracking specialist Linqo have much in common – and they are redesigning mobility together. Both companies were started with a new idea: FLEETLINK as a full-service provider that combines long-term rental for commercial users with innovative digital fleet management, and Linqo as a quality GPS tracking software provider for parcel service providers, freight forwarders, construction companies, and car rental companies. They have combined the best of both worlds for more than four years in a fruitful collaboration.


“With FLEETLINK, we offer a low-cost, all-inclusive long-term rental combined with digital fleet management – a unique offer in Germany to this day. We broke new ground right from the start, and with Linqo, we have found a reliable, fast, and uncomplicated partner who, just like us, not only thinks ahead but also thinks ahead,” explains Managing Director Daniel Heinz. The long-term rental model should not be confused with the usual leasing. With FLEETLINK, customers with 24 months or more terms receive a cost-effective full-service offer, including registration, insurance, inspection, workshop appointments, and much more – and no longer have to worry about managing their fleet with the specially developed FLEETLINK app. Calculated over the term, a long-term rental is cheaper than a leasing offer. At the end of the contract, there are no surprises or high costs. In addition, by booking the purchase option, there is the possibility to take over the vehicle at favorable conditions.


Reliable GPS tracking for fleet operators

At FLEETLINK, everything is managed digitally on the PC or mobile phone using the FLEETLINK app – fleet management in your pocket. And this is where Linqo comes into play with its quality GPS tracking solution: “With our FLEETLINK app, we have developed a comprehensive service package for our customers, but what we were missing was reliable location data, for example, the kilometers driven and route data depending on the route to calculate it for each vehicle. That’s what Linqo offers us – and much more than that,” says Daniel Heinz enthusiastically.


“With our quality tracking software, we focus on a reliable, fast, and secure GPS application because nothing is more annoying than a GPS solution that provides no or only incorrect information. This enabled us to quickly provide FLEETLINK with the necessary data for the rental vehicle fleet we manage via an interface directly for further processing in our custom app. We also take care of the service and installation of the devices,” says Max Donders, Managing Director of Linqo. Its GPS tracking solutions support car rental companies, freight forwarders and parcel services in digitizing and simplifying fleet management. The optimal combination of hardware and software created a robust system that provides precise data about the entire fleet – regardless of the vehicle manufacturer. Linqo covers all applications in light and heavy vehicles, from the digital tachograph, logbooks, and tour documentation to the LinqoTrack location.


FLEETLINK now has more than 1,000 Linqo GPS systems in use, with Linqo also installing and maintaining the devices. FLEETLINK customers include courier and parcel delivery services, some with 30 to 50 rented vehicles, but also individual vehicles in craft businesses. A significant advantage: Customers’ existing vehicles can also be included in the FLEETLINK app and thus in digital fleet management. Retrofitting with a Linqo tracker is easily possible at any time.


High transparency is an advantage for customers

FLEETLINK uses the Linqo data for its app and makes it available to customers. This gives them the greatest possible transparency concerning vehicle data, mileage, and fuel consumption. This is very helpful, especially with regard to the agreed mileage per month: If there are indications that the mileage account will be exceeded, the customer will receive a notification in good time and the option to book additional kilometers. Conversely, if the agreed monthly performance is not reached, the credit for the next month will be credited to the customer. “It’s very well received because it’s transparent and prevents unpleasant surprises at the end of the month,” confirms the Managing Director Daniel Heinz from FLEETLINK.


With the police helicopter behind

Linqo knows the challenges of FLEETLINK from its experience in working with freight forwarders and courier service providers. These include, for example, non-agreed use of vehicles, theft, or accidents. However, many situations can be mastered better with all vehicles’ precise GPS location data. For example, fleet managers receive a warning if a vehicle illegally crosses a national border or leaves a previously defined area. “This has already brought us back a number of stolen or missing vehicles,” says Daniel Heinz happily. “Once, one of our vehicles was even followed by a police helicopter. The officials used Linqo’s GPS location and were able to stop the driver just before the border.” GPS data is also often helpful in the event of accidents, and there are also discounts from insurance companies. In a pilot project, FLEETLINK and Linqo are currently cooperating on using vehicle dashcams and their connection to the Linqo solution. In the future, this could also clarify disputed accident situations and avert unjustified claims for damages. And the data is also interesting for accident research.


Digital, innovative, simple

The cooperation is already a success for FLEETLINK and Linqo as the customers accept the offers very well – a win-win-win situation, so to speak. That’s why FLEETLINK recently started a new project: FLEETLINK NOW!. In addition to the previous commercial area, this is an vehicle rental offer for private and day customers. The vehicle fleet’s rental and management is just as digital as before. The promise is: download the FLEETLINK app, get in, and drive off!

"We broke new ground right from the start, and with Linqo, we have found a reliable, fast, and uncomplicated partner who, just like us, thinks ahead."

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