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Transport and logistics



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Linqo solutions in use:

GPS vehicle tracking, CANbus data and tachograph data download, Eco-Drive.

The company Gevara is a transport punk that has been making trucks and responsible employees move to the beat of rock and roll since 2007. With a full range of logistics services under one roof, the company operates a fleet of more than 100 stylish vehicles and aims to become the first choice for panic-free, stress-free, and hassle-free transport solutions.

“The biggest success is when our solutions give our clients a good kick-start: their logistics processes become as aligned as the sound and light equipment at an AC/DC concert; the business functions like Lars Ulrich beating the drums to the Battery, the world becomes a little smaller, and the planet stays a green place where rock and roll can be enjoyed by all” – says Gevara. Yes, we at Linqo also enjoy real transport rock and roll when GPS tracking solutions can contribute to the company’s mission of solving the customer’s delivery challenges while bringing smiles, satisfaction, and success.

Challenges for fleet management

Today, Gevara has 300 employees and can offer a wide range of logistics services: export, transit, Europe-wide freight forwarding, import, customs brokerage, oversized freight, warehousing, distribution in the Baltics, customs clearance, parcel forwarding to the United Kingdom and other solutions. A rapidly growing team, a fleet of trucks, and a portfolio of services bring their own challenges, attentiveness, diligence, and speed, as the company’s main ambitions require appropriate and professional solutions.

One of the most pressing operational challenges Gevara has been grappling with is the accurate estimation of actual fuel consumption. This issue is of vital importance as it directly impacts the company’s bottom line. Despite developing in-house systems to measure fuel consumption over a period of time, they often fall short of providing comprehensive information on whether driving is economical and whether opportunities for fuel savings are being maximized. Furthermore, the company’s diverse fleet, which includes DAF, Mercedes-Benz, VOLVO, SCANIA, RENAULT T, and MAN model trucks, poses a unique challenge. Using different applications offered by each manufacturer would be complicated by different settings and parameters and could lead to unnecessary competition between drivers. Hence, Gevara embarked on a quest to find a reliable partner and aimed to have one universal application.


Starting a more efficient phase with Linqo 

To this end, Linqo’s eco-driving module has distinguished itself, in particular, by its ability to apply standardized rules to mixed fleets (Eco-Drive grouping functionality). Therefore, GPS tracking technology was implemented in the second half of 2023, marking the beginning of a more efficient phase for Gevara.

“Thanks to the Eco-Drive solution, the company can monitor and analyze driver errors that increase fuel consumption and the operating costs of the tractor. This module is now inseparable from Guevara’s day-to-day operations, as economical driving helps to reduce fuel consumption, contributing to the company’s economic efficiency. Also, Eco-Drive helps to reduce the operating costs of the tractor thanks to less wear and tear on expensive components such as pads, brake discs, etc. In addition to avoiding additional costs, lower fuel consumption reduces CO2 emissions, thus contributing to environmental sustainability.”

Responsible risk management and the ability to make the necessary decisions in real time are urgent tasks for every logistics company. Therefore, Gevara has already integrated other Linqo solutions into its operational functions, such as monitoring driver activity, recording work and rest irregularities, and remote scanning of driver cards.

Measurable results: reduced fuel consumption, accident rates and CO2 footprint

Although the company has yet been using the Eco-Drive module for less than a full year, it has already seen positive results since the first integrations:

  • 2,098% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – demonstrating more efficient use of fuel and management of vehicles, and a reduction in the negative environmental impact;
  • Reduction in the accident rate – demonstrating that the principle of economic driving is proportionate to the principles of safe driving.


In Gevara’s words: meaningful, efficient and user-friendly solutions

Thanks to the positive feedback, we understand that the company particularly appreciates the Eco-Drive functionality, which monitors the driver’s behavior and allows adjustments to be made in line with the principles of economical driving, thus optimizing the vehicle’s performance for sustainable economic and environmental benefits.

Gevara’s experience shows that once you start thinking about GPS tracking solutions, you are already starting on the journey towards implementation — we are ready to tailor telematics technology to the needs of every business, and you won’t have to wait a year for tangible results.

“You’ll love Linqo for its modern and user-friendly solutions – the app’s management, monitoring of driver performance, and economic driving is well thought out, the visual and functional elements are intuitive, and the app itself and its indicators are easy to use and understand” – according to Gevara. It was exciting to learn that the name of this Lithuanian company, Gevara, is made up of two Samogitian terms: “gerai” (meaning well) and “vara” (meaning drives). Gevara, therefore, drives well and we, together with the whole Linqo team, promise that these first results are just the beginning of our successful cooperation. Let’s keep going!

"You'll love Linqo for its modern and user-friendly solutions - the app's management, monitoring of driver performance, and economic driving is well thought out, the visual and functional elements are intuitive, and the app itself and its indicators are easy to use and understand"

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