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Meet Jevgenij, our Junior Product Manager with an adventurous spirit! From psychology studies in Ukraine to become a transport manager, he found his calling in IT project management. Now, as part of the Linqo team, he’s pumped to create innovative products!

With a bright smile, Jevgenij is all about crushing challenges, celebrating wins, and constantly leveling up. Once a motorcycle enthusiast, safety became his priority after his little one arrived. Now, he’s an IDPA shooter – a hobby that keeps Jevgenij engaged and focused. His sanctuary? The wild forest, his secret hideout from the chaos of the world.

For telematics enthusiasts, Jevgenij’s tip is simple: do your best! Embrace challenges and soak up knowledge – telematics is a playground of opportunities waiting for you!


Tell us more about yourself, your background and what led you to your current position.

I’ve had an exciting journey so far, experiencing different cultures and exploring various fields. I grew up in Ukraine and studied practical psychology, but in 2015, I decided to shake things up and moved to the UK for new adventures.

However, in 2016, I felt a strong urge to return to Lithuania, my homeland, and start a new chapter in transport and logistics. Over the next five years, I worked my way up to become a senior transport manager.

During that time, I discovered my love for IT project management. I was fascinated by how technology and logistics intersected. So, I took a leap of faith and switched gears to become an IT project manager, finding immense satisfaction and a genuine passion for the work.

Recently, I received an exciting offer from the Linqo team. I see tremendous potential in joining this company, as it provides a great platform to create exceptional products. I’m thrilled to contribute my skills and expertise to help drive Linqo’s success and be a part of something truly remarkable.


When and why did you join Linqo team?

I joined the Linqo team at the right time and right place. The opportunity to join the team presented itself when I saw great potential for growth and impact. Linqo’s vision for creating innovative products hooked me, and it felt like the perfect fit. Now I’m excited to be part of the team.


How does your journey at Linqo looks like?

My journey at Linqo has been a fascinating one, filled with constant discovery and growth. Every step along the way has brought me new experiences, introduced me to talented colleagues, and allowed me to develop valuable skills. From diving into interesting projects to collaborating with a diverse team, Linqo has provided me with a dynamic environment where I can continuously learn and contribute.


How you start your day ?

With a big, bright smile.


What motivates you to go to work every day?

Do people with families, children, and mortgages really need anything else for extra motivation? 🙂 But every day is a chance to rock it – learning something new, unleashing professional skills, and, let’s not forget, conquering challenges and celebrating achievements along the way.


What are your job’s most challenging and most cheering elements?

The most challenging element of my job is ensuring that everything goes according to plan. But you know what? When it actually happens, it’s the most cheering and satisfying feeling ever! So the journey may be tough, but the victories along the way make it all worthwhile.


Tell us more about your hobbies.

In the past, I had a love for motorcycles, but after my son was born, I decided to hit the brakes for safety reasons. Turns out motorcycles are 22 times more adventurous (and risky) than regular car driving! Safety first, right?

Currently, my passion lies in guns and sports shooting, specifically IDPA shooting. It’s a thrilling hobby that keeps me focused and engaged.


What is your favorite place in the world? Why?

Hands down, my favorite place in the world is a wild forest. The peacefulness of the forest allows me to escape the chaos of everyday life and have some quality me-time.


And the last one – could you share any advice for those who want to start their career in the telematics industry?

Telematics is a diverse field with various positions to choose from. Whatever role you desire, here’s my advice: do your best! Dive in, learn, and give it your all.