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Strategic logistics innovation in the heart of Berlin and beyond

ADL Logistic GmbH is a company that continuously seeks efficiency and reliability in the logistics industry and has been redefining the movement of goods in Berlin and Brandenburg for over a decade since 2008. With a modern fleet and a sprawling new delivery and storage center in the heart of Berlin, ADL represents logistics at its finest. The company operates under a guiding principle: delivering the perfect goods, in impeccable condition, to the exact location, precisely on time, every time.


ADL’s advanced warehouse in Tempelhof-Schöneberg

Strategically located in Berlin’s Tempelhof-Schöneberg district, ADL’s warehouse, covering an impressive 11,000 m², offers an unparalleled storage solution for a diverse clientele. As a foundation of ADL’s logistical expertise, this facility allows for developing flexible, efficient solutions that are in sync with the ever-changing markets of Berlin and Brandenburg, making it more than merely a storage option.


Client-centric logistics as the core of ADL’s business

Putting the customer first is key to ADL’s business model. Their carefully selected range of logistic services, which includes precision warehousing and comprehensive quality control, is designed to cater to the needs of their clients. ADL’s dedication to operational process optimization allows it to provide adaptable, high-quality services at the most cost-effective possible rate. The logistical staff at ADL is masterful at solving difficult problems in novel ways, contributing to the company’s expansion and happy customers.

A glimpse into ADL’s Logistic GmbH solutions:

ADL’s service portfolio is comprehensive and customer-centric:

  • Customized unit transport and scheduled freight services.
  • Rapid-response special trips and courier transports.
  • 24/7 operational storage and picking at the ADL Freight Center.
  • Efficient, streamlined loading and unloading methodologies.
  • Outstanding commitment to quality assurance and environmental sustainability.


The Linqo effect of elevating ADL’s logistical operations

“Once we had decided on Linqo, the GPS devices were quickly made available to us, and our technician could start installing them in the vehicles after a short training session. The installation went smoothly and could be carried out outside our maintenance hall with little effort. After a few weeks, we had equipped the fleet with the new devices and integrated the telematics into our processes.” – ADL’s employees share.


Fleet monitoring and meeting regulatory criteria for data retrieval from digital tachographs were major obstacles for ADL before their relationship with Linqo. There was a turning point when Linqo’s cutting-edge GPS tracking technology was implemented. These devices improved the effectiveness of fleet management and integrated with ADL’s current software infrastructures and logistical ecosystems. ADL’s trained technicians installed them following a brief onboarding process.


Choosing Linqo: a decision driven by innovation and intuition

ADL’s choice of Linqo over other competitors was influenced by the user-friendly nature of the LinqoTrack platform and the seamless compatibility with their existing software systems (for example: TimoCom, EVA). The most valued feature? The ability to track vehicles via smartphones and directly communicate with drivers through the app highlights Linqo’s forward-thinking approach.

"The ability to track the vehicles via smartphone and make direct contact with the driver app without going through other programs helps us a lot. We hope that this area of Linqo will be expanded further," stated ADL's representatives.

Measurable outcomes of a fruitful collaboration

Staff members are now free to concentrate on data analysis and process improvement thanks to data reading and saving automation, which also guarantees compliance with legal deadlines. Working together, we were able to cut costs, boost production, and save a tonne of time.

The blend of cutting-edge technology and deep industry knowledge makes a real difference in Berlin and beyond. More than just a matching of talents, this partnership of ADL Logistic and Linqo illustrates the power of technology to boost productivity and delight clients.

Ready to share your success story? Alternatively, why not begin a new one with Linqo? Reach out to our team today.


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