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HoffmannBringts is a pioneering beverage delivery service operating in Berlin. Specializing in B2B deliveries, they service a wide array of clients, including legal practices, advertising agencies, startups, and even large-scale corporations like Tesla and Deutsche Bahn. For HoffmannBringts, their mission goes beyond just delivering drinks. It’s about ensuring a seamless, reliable service with a personal touch every single time, and customer service isn’t just a department – it’s a cornerstone of their business model. However, the company faced significant operational challenges that hampered its efficiency and customer satisfaction. That’s where Linqo’s advanced GPS tracking solutions stepped in.


The challenge: inefficiencies in real-time tracking

When it came to logistical planning, HoffmannBringts faced an operational challenge. Whenever there was a need for rescheduling or sudden route adjustments, pinpointing the exact location of their drivers was not straightforward. This not only consumed valuable time but also detracted from the seamless experience HoffmannBringts aimed to offer its customers. Consequently, these operational inefficiencies displayed as service delays and, at times, disappointed customers.


The solution: transition to advanced GPS tracking 

HoffmannBringts made the decision to adopt modern GPS tracking after seeing the positive results seen at Beverages Hoffmann in Groß-Kienitz. This decision has been a game-changer.

With real-time GPS data at their fingertips, HoffmannBringts can now react instantly, coordinating and adjusting routes as needed, ensuring no delivery is ever delayed. This robust solution not only removed uncertainty but also cut down on extra communication steps, resulting in a more streamlined and effective process overall.


The future: enhancing customer experience through online tracking

HoffmannBringts recognizes that to remain at the forefront, innovation shouldn’t stop. They’re excited about the prospect of offering their customers an online tracking feature reminiscent of familiar services from DPD and other parcel providers. This feature promises to significantly reduce the number of inquiries their customer service team receives and offers clients greater autonomy and transparency. Clients can plan their day better, knowing precisely when their beverages will be delivered. Furthermore, by providing such proactive solutions, HoffmannBringts aims to further solidify its reputation as a customer-centric partner that places the client experience at the heart of its operations. The vision is clear – a future where each delivery is not just a transaction but an immersive experience that adds value at every touchpoint.


Why HoffmannBringts chose Linqo’s GPS solution

It wasn’t just about the technology – it was about trust. For HoffmannBringts, the journey from logistical challenges to streamlined operations has been transformative. With advanced GPS solutions, they have optimized their internal processes and laid the foundation for a more interactive and satisfying customer experience. As they continue to quench the thirst of Berlin’s businesses, their partnership with us ensures they always deliver with precision and punctuality.



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