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De Uitlener


De Uitlener


Employment agency in construction and technology


Netherlands, Lochem

With Linqo since


Linqo functionalities in use:

GPS vehicle tracking, remote ignition blocking, report of driving outside working hours

The everyday puzzle of fleet management and digitalization

In the Netherlands, De Uitlener has been the go-to employment agency for construction and technical talent, focused on construction and technical sectors and providing companies with skilled personnel. Renowned for its dynamic approach and professional integrity, De Uitlener prides itself on its ability to see beyond obstacles, championing quality and reliability. Specialising in creating perfect matches through deep industry knowledge and a commitment to training and development, it emphasises strong relationships and personalised service. This commitment extends to ensuring its workforce’s well-being and proper equipping, demonstrating a deep-rooted value system centred on excellence and client satisfaction.

Yet, behind the scenes, a challenge loomed large: keeping track of vehicles used strictly for commuting was a puzzle pieced together with manual records and good faith, highlighting a gap between operational ideals and the manual, trust-based system in place. How to ensure that their fleet of vehicles, essential for the daily commute of their skilled workforce, is managed efficiently and within the bounds of regulations?


Linqo’s role: bringing clarity and control

The daily grind of tracking vehicle usage through stacks of paper and manual inputs was more than just an operational headache but a barrier to growth. Each vehicle, essential for commuting, became a node in an ever-complicated network of trips, regulations, and exceptions.

2019 marked a turning point. Linqo introduced a system that felt less like a cold piece of technology and more like a friendly guide through the intricacies of fleet management. The features that stood out were:

  • Digital trip reporting. The end of weekly paper trails and manual logbooks and the beginning of instant digital clarity.
  • Remote vehicle management. A newfound ability to remotely lock and unlock vehicles can ensure all transport is used responsibly, safeguarding against after-hours usage, and marrying responsibility with flexibility.
  • Real-time location tracking. Not just dots on a map, but GPS tracking capabilities ensured that De Uitlener had real-time insights into the whereabouts of its fleet, enhancing decision-making and operational transparency.

The outcome? A smoother ride

The impact was immediate and profound. De Uitlener found in Linqo not just a solution but a partner in growth. The benefits were manifold:

  • Operational harmony. The integration of Linqo’s platform brought a symphony of efficiency, with every note of the operational process tuned to perfection.
  • Cost management. A clearer picture of fleet usage and driving behaviours led to significant savings, turning previous challenges into opportunities for optimization.
  • Compliance and satisfaction. The dual benefits of compliance with regulations and enhanced employee accountability fostered an environment of mutual trust and responsibility.


Reflections from the road

Looking back on the journey, De Uitlener sees Linqo not just as a telematics solutions provider. The simplicity and intuitiveness of Linqo’s platform have made what was once a cumbersome process a source of strategic advantage. As Luc Nijenhuis, who has been working at De Uitlener for more than 7 years, put it, “Linqo is a nice company with enthusiastic employees who think along with the customer’s wishes to optimise their fleet as much as possible.” This sentiment captures the essence of the partnership – technology serving people, not the other way around.



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