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Setting the scene for Buskow Logistik

With a people-first philosophy and advanced technology, Berlin-based logistics giant Buskow Logistik GmbH has come a long way since its 1995 founding. Modern telematics, automatic transmissions, and eco-friendly features adorn Buskow’s fleet of more than 200 trucks, averaging just 1.5 years old. From versatile BDF vehicles for agile loading to LNG-powered tractor-trailers championing green logistics, the company’s commitment to innovation is unmistakable. Yet, amidst this high-tech symphony of logistics excellence, the enduring challenge of navigating the complex landscape of EU regulations and fleet management demands the most progressive solutions.


The one-way road through a fog of complexity

Imagine orchestrating a symphony where each musician plays to a different tune. The complexity of managing a vast fleet, with the added pressure of EU regulations, presented a labyrinthine challenge. The traditional approach to managing digital tachographs and driver hours was fraught with paperwork, prone to human error, and time-consuming.

This fragmentation led to significant extra efforts in monitoring and communicating with their driving staff, which was inefficiently managed through platforms like WhatsApp. The need for a streamlined, unified platform was constantly increasing to enhance operational efficiency, compliance, and communication within the fleet.

As Buskow Logistik GmbH navigated the complexities of logistics with a fleet of over 200 trucks and trailers, they sought a partner who could match their commitment to innovation, efficiency, and quality. So, in 2019, a new chapter began with a collaboration with Linqo, and now we are proud to call Buskow Logistik GmbH our biggest HCV customer in Germany.


Smart solution to support the growth

Linqo stepped in with its robust telematics system, offering Buskow Logistik a comprehensive platform that simplified fleet management and their communication process. The solution implemented encompassed:

  • Unified telematics platform. A singular, integrated system LinqoTrack for seamless monitoring, controlling, and evaluating vehicles and drivers;
  • Enhanced communication tools. Replacing informal communication channels with a professional, data-transmitting platform within Linqo for dispatch and driver interaction;
  • Advanced features. The introduction of features like driving time violation alerts and activity tracking, enhancing compliance and operational insight.


Triumphs on the road

Implementing Linqo’s solutions brought efficiency and transparency to Buskow Logistik, and fleet transparency was no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality. From real-time monitoring and control of vehicles and drivers to seamless communication within the fleet, Linqo has enabled Buskow to overcome the challenges of managing multiple telematics systems and inefficient communication methods. This technological leap has significantly reduced extra effort, saving monthly hours and reducing operational costs.

  • Enhanced transparency. Real-time tracking and analytics peeled away layers of operational opacity;
  • Cost savings. Intelligent fuel monitoring and control mechanisms significantly reduced overheads;
  • Operational excellence. Automated processes and data-driven decision-making propelled Buskow Logistik to new heights of operational efficiency and saved time.


Simple, flexible, future-proof: a benchmark of success in words of Buskow Logistik

“It’s like discovering a new genre of music—familiar yet entirely refreshing. Working with Linqo’s telematics system has streamlined our operations and fostered a culture of innovation within our team. The platform’s simplicity, flexibility, and foresight into future logistics challenges have been an accelerator to our success.” – a review by Buskow Logistik illustrates that strategic partnership can be more than a tale of technological implementation.

We greatly value Buskow Logistik GmbH’s philosophy that champions quality, values people, and strives for continuous improvement. This viewpoint aligns seamlessly with our long-term commitment to providing flexible, future-proof solutions. Through regular training, a focus on high-quality standards, and a commitment to leveraging new technologies, Buskow ensures that its services exceed its customer expectations. And we at Linqo are right here on their side – ready to continuously support their growth with innovations. Time to shine!



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