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How can technology redefine the way we navigate efficiency and sustainability in transportation? The well-established UAB “Mažeikių autobusų parkas”, which provides passenger transportation in Lithuania, has taken on this challenge. By partnering with Linqo, a leading provider of innovative GPS tracking solutions in Europe, the company has already seen astonishing results: a monthly reduction of 1.5 tons in fuel consumption.


The challenge of optimal fleet management

Prior to adopting Linqo’s GPS tracking solutions, UAB “Mažeikių autobusų parkas” relied on a different GPS provider for their fleet management. Seeking greater control over its operations and a more comprehensive approach to monitoring, the company decided to make a strategic shift. Their previous system did not facilitate fuel consumption monitoring and lacked a crucial feature – economic driving solution.


Innovative switch to advanced GPS tracking

Since integrating Linqo’s advanced telematics and tracking solutions into its operations, the company has noticed outstanding improvements. Within just two months of the switch, “Mažeikių autobusų parkas” has achieved impressive milestones. Notably, the company has succeeded in saving 1.5 tons of fuel per month. This achievement highlights the potency of Linqo’s GPS tracking solutions in restraining operational costs and fostering sustainability.


Cost efficiency and focus on Eco-Drive

With Linqo’s GPS tracking technology, “Mažeikių autobusų parkas” is now able to keep a careful eye on fuel use, something they weren’t able to do with their prior source. This innovative skill not only helps the business save money but also fits in with its policy of minimizing its environmental impact. Now that the organization has accurate data on fuel use, it can move forward with the next important step: deploying Eco-Drive solutions. This tactical change illustrates their commitment to maximizing productivity while reducing environmental impact.


Operational insights and optimization

As a passenger transportation powerhouse, UAB “Mažeikių autobusų parkas” operates 72 buses across 3 city routes, 28 suburban routes, and 10 intercity routes. With the support of Linqo’s advanced telematics, the company now possesses real-time data that allows them to study passenger flows meticulously. This insight helps them adapt to seasonal variations and optimize routes accordingly. Also, the business has found that by making decisions based on data, it can increase customer satisfaction by providing transport services that are both efficient and quick.


Future-focused strategy

UAB “Mažeikių autobusų parkas” is firmly committed to its goals of understanding passenger flows and reducing costs. The company’s pursuit of excellence extends beyond its core passenger transportation services. Engaging in auxiliary activities such as bus rentals for trips and excursions, transporting parcels, providing storage and advertising services, and even offering technical vehicle service and repair further exemplifies their commitment to diversification and holistic customer satisfaction.



In developing a strategic partnership, UAB “Mažeikių autobusų parkas” and Linqo highlight the transformative capabilities of modern GPS tracking in passenger transportation. Using advanced technology and insightful data, the company has not only realized significant fuel savings but has also emerged as a frontrunner in sustainable transit. As they advance with their Eco-Drive initiative and refine their operations, this union underscores the critical role of technology in changing transportation’s next horizon.


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