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Auto Mertens


Auto Mertens


Car Lease, Rental, Repair, and Sales


Gemert and Bakel, Netherlands

With Linqo since


Linqo functionalities:

GPS Vehicle Tracking for 124 Vehicles

The story behind Auto Mertens

Auto Mertens was born in the private garage of Theo Mertens, who worked at Volkswagen in Eindhoven. With a fully equipped workshop at home, Theo’s son Marchel and intern Jeroen began their journey in automotive services. Their shared values and strategic thinking led to rapid growth, investments, and the establishment of a smart service concept. Today, Auto Mertens operates from its base in the Netherlands and has become a key player in the automotive industry, focusing on lease, rental, repair, and sales of vehicles.


Overcoming the pitfalls

Auto Mertens faced significant challenges in minimizing vehicle downtime and managing their diverse fleet. Their clientele, including the healthcare and construction sectors, required prompt vehicle repairs and returns to maintain operational efficiency and reputation. In this business, good communication and quick, well-thought-out solutions are essential. Auto Mertens focuses on passenger cars and increasingly specializes in buses and rigids for specific applications. They keep standard body parts in stock and ready in the right color to ensure quick damage resolution.

Their own people find it a great challenge to have the bus on their doorstep by 8 o’clock the next morning, shining and damage-free. They even have parts in the right color for vans ready, complete with the customer’s lettering, so that the vehicles are stationary as little as possible.

Linqo to the rescue

In 2019, Auto Mertens supercharged their operations with Linqo’s advanced GPS vehicle tracking system. This game-changing move brought precise location tracking, detailed trip records, and real-time driver behavior monitoring into their toolkit. These features enabled Auto Mertens to streamline operations, making breakdowns and emergencies mere blips on their radar.


High-octane results

Since adopting Linqo GPS tracking solutions, Auto Mertens has hit high gear:

  • Operational efficiency. Real-time tracking slashed response times, ensuring vehicles are rarely stationary.
  • Customer satisfaction. Swift issue resolution and immediate vehicle swaps delighted clients, especially in healthcare and construction.
  • Fleet management. Comprehensive trip records and driver insights fine-tuned daily, weekly, and monthly planning.


In Auto Mertens’ words

“What we appreciate most about Linqo are its features for tracking and trip recording, which allow us to accurately align our daily, weekly, and monthly planning with our customers’ needs. Linqo’s tracking and trip recording features have been a game-changer, allowing us to respond swiftly to any breakdowns.”

This partnership has tackled their challenges head-on, driving them toward sustained growth and success. Auto Mertens prospers with Linqo, providing top-notch service and maintaining a powerful national customer base.

"Linqo's tracking and trip recording features have been a game-changer, allowing us to respond swiftly to any breakdowns."

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