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Be Fresh Logistic GmbH & Co, headquartered in Hamburg, is a provider of food distribution services in Germany. Maintaining the food’s quality and freshness during transport is crucial for this company since temperature excursions outside the recommended range might lead to spoiling and costly losses in both product and brand value. The scenario demanded a reliable technological solution that could seamlessly integrate with their operations and provide much-needed visibility and control over their logistic processes. With the introduction of Linqo’s advanced GPS tracking solutions, a horizon of possibilities emerged. Could this be the gateway to a new level of logistic management?


Challenge: the logistical puzzle

Be Fresh Logistic GmbH & Co demonstrates reliability, speed, and a comprehensive coverage model in Germany’s logistics sector. Boasting an annual mileage exceeding 500,000 kilometers, driven by a team of 35+ proficient personnel, and achieving a remarkable delivery rate of 100%, Be Fresh Logistic reflects efficiency in catering to both B2B and B2C sectors. Their advanced logistics infrastructure of dedicated transporters and modernized storage & picking facilities underlines their commitment to quality and safety in delivering goods.

However, with a vast fleet, Be Fresh Logistic GmbH & Co found themselves in an operational labyrinth as they navigated the food transportation landscape across Germany. The absence of real-time data was like going through this logistical challenge blindfolded.

Amidst operational burdens, the significant challenges were:

  • Lack of real-time fleet visibility. The inability to track the vehicles in real time resulted in delayed deliveries, route inefficiencies, and operational cost overruns.
  • Inadequate temperature monitoring. Without real-time temperature control, the risk of food spoilage and non-compliance with safety regulations was endangered.
  • Insufficient customer transparency. Customers’ demands for live insights into the status and condition of their goods were unmet, affecting customer satisfaction.
  • Operational inefficiencies. Lack of data on fuel consumption, driver behavior, and vehicle utilization led to an inability to optimize operations and reduce costs.
  • Insubstantial support from the previous system. The former system’s inadequate support made troubleshooting and scaling up to meet operational demands a fearsome task.

Linqo GPS tracking solution takes the stage

With the integration of Linqo’s advanced GPS tracking software, a window of operational transparency opened up for Be Fresh Logistic. The real-time tracking feature now paints a clear picture of fleet movements, ensuring delivery timeliness. The integrated temperature sensors offer live updates on cargo conditions, especially in refrigerated vehicles, helping maintain the freshness of the goods. This newfound oversight streamlined Be Fresh Logistic’s operations and reduced errors, making Linqo’s technology a key part of its operational excellence and customer satisfaction efforts. Additionally, the strong support from Linqo’s team during and after implementation ensured a smooth transition to using this new technology.


Benefits realized

To sum up, Be Fresh Logistics noticed a spectrum of measurable outcomes after starting to use Linqo’s solution:

  • Productivity increase. Detailed reporting offered insights into fleet performance, aiding in continuous operational improvement. Therefore, enhanced route planning and scheduling led to a significant boost in productivity.
  • Operational cost reduction. Instant alerts for over-speeding, temperature deviations, and low fuel levels became irreplaceable. Insights into fuel consumption and efficient route planning contributed to a substantial reduction in operational costs.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction. Maintaining the quality of perishable goods still remains critical during transit. Thus, real-time updates and precise temperature monitoring ensured the freshness of delivered goods and significantly improved customer satisfaction levels.
  • Comprehensive fleet insights. Comprehensive reporting on fleet performance, including distance traveled and fuel consumption, facilitated informed decision-making. Also, the intuitive, user-friendly interface of the system ensured smooth operation and quick onboarding.

Results like this not only simplified operations but also laid the groundwork for future enhancements, thus solidifying the importance of Linqo’s GPS solutions to the functioning of our client’s business.


On the right track: Be Fresh Logistic’s GPS testimony

Be Fresh Logistic’s recommendation of Linqo stems from the company’s success in leveraging its many layers of operational proficiency into a decisive competitive advantage. Accurate, real-time data combined with user-friendly software architecture paved the way for the success story that Be Fresh Logistic GmbH & Co. and Linqo authored in the logistical technology landscape. The industry-wide effect of Be Fresh Logistic’s ringing endorsement speaks volumes about the radical change Linqo’s GPS solutions will bring.

This success story also invites other enterprises in the logistics domain to introspect — is your current operational framework moving you towards efficiency, or is it time to steer towards Linqo?


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