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When you know where your employees or vehicles are, you can make adequate decisions. That is why we provide you with reliable information any time you need it.

Our mobile application is a complete solution which allows you to monitor vehicles or tasks with your smartphone – just as if you were at your office. You can act anywhere, anytime.

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All transport-based industries require mobile solutions that allow users to transmit as much information as possible in real time.

However, our vision and proposed options expand beyond standard GPS vehicle monitoring solutions.

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Link the challenges for modern transport management

GPS Tracking Software The foundation of any professional activity is the knowledge of where and how your employees and machines are working. Stay up-to-date on your business, thanks to a GPS tracker mounted in your car, road tractor, trailer, boat or any other special-purpose machine. Working time Time is money. Monitor your drivers' working time to avoid paying high fines. Make sure your machines remain operational and perform the right jobs by monitoring their working time as well. Document the working time of your service technicians and use it as a basis for settlements. Smart Mobility Take a fresh look at the way your company operates. Our transport program will allow you to improve flexibility and security, in addition to integrating various systems and different spheres of business activity Task distribution Maintaining the effectiveness of your machinery and employees is the biggest challenge for any company. Increase task assignment efficiency, find replacements more quickly and handle additional orders to allow your company to reach new heights and gain a good reputation in the industry. Flexible reports Having constant access to the right information will allow you to save time and make better decisions. Create your own report templates. Employee communication Unforeseen situations and unexpected changes occur practically every day. But as long as you remain in touch, you and your team will be able to handle any challenge.

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Stay update in the world of Smart Mobility, where processes reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve road conditions.

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