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The story of Motum Logistics and Linqo


Motum Logistics GmbH


Logistics & Freight forwarding



With Linqo since

September 2021

Linqo solutions in use:

Pro package, including Fuel Monitoring & Control, Access Control, Journey Tracks mobile application.

Ever wondered how logistics companies tackle big challenges like cutting costs and boosting transparency? Join Motum Logistics GmbH and Linqo on our adventure to combine clever logistics methods with smart solutions. It’s a story about improving logistics while keeping costs down and making everything more transparent.


Introducing Motum Logistics GmbH

Established in 2020, Motum Logistics GmbH swiftly carved out a niche in Germany’s logistics sector. Moving more than 6,000 packages daily is an impressive achievement that highlights Motum Logistics GmbH’s dedication to efficiency and dependability. Their extensive network, which includes both courier services and heavy haulage, demonstrates operational excellence and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and punctuality in package logistics.


The early days: in search of transparency

The journey, however, was not without its labyrinth. Initially, Motum faced significant challenges in fleet transparency. Lacking transparency and detailed insights into vehicle usage, they struggled to optimize the expansive transport network required for commitment to timely and reliable deliveries. In the sector where every second counts and reliability is the currency, this challenge posed a threat to their reputation and operational excellence. And it needed to be solved quickly.


Linqo’s role: more than a solution provider

In September 2021, Linqo came into the picture with their Pro package. It wasn’t just about tracking vehicles but bringing a new level of understanding to Motum’s operations. Smooth and reliable live tracking became crucial for their B2B deliveries, and Fuel Monitoring & Control – indispensable to reducing their driving costs. And it didn’t stop there – Linqo’s immobilizer option added a layer of security with the Access Control solution, and we recently added the Journey Tracks mobile application to the whole that brought control to their fingertips.


Unprecedented efficiency: the results speak for themselves

  • Transparency in operations. Linqo’s GPS tracking peeled back layers of uncertainty, and Motum could see everything – where each vehicle was and how it was being used, paving the way for smarter, more strategic decisions.
  • Finances under control. Keeping an eye on fuel and driving costs became easier, making a noticeable difference to the bottom line and aligning Motum’s budget with its operational goals.
  • Increased security. With the introduction of security features and the ability to lock vehicles after hours, peace of mind became a new company standard.
  • Enhanced teamwork. The Journey Tracks mobile application was introduced as a game-changer for team coordination and communication between drivers and dispatchers.


Motum Logistics & Linqo: what’s in for the future

Describing Linqo’s services as “smart,” Motum Logistics does something more than just acknowledge technological proficiency. Together, we see this collaboration as a reliable, efficient, and professional tool that exceeds traditional client-service provider boundaries. As Motum Logistics looks to expand throughout Germany, we at Linqo are happy to assist them in exceeding the expectations of the transportation sector.




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